Thursday, August 11, 2016

tenessee's civics curriculum
has a lot of credibiluty as the state al gore retired inconvenient truth to; moreover when georgetown lawyers presented unseen wealth as a brookings publication 2000 (missing audit of compound risk they were banished by pres bush adminstration to van der bilt - it appears that tenessee banishment is equivalent to the UK's coventry

american history turns on small actions of indecency - if clinton hadnt met monica, gore would have been president - his alternative green and 9/11 policies likely would not have caused isis and subprime - and yet here we citizens of usa are in 2016 and unelss you want to be trumped you have to hope mrs clinton decides what goes on at

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

in 2008 it looked as if paris and muhamamd yunus would become a global benchmark for civics curriculum - paris was the only epicentre in europe for a bank of te unemployed (adie); paris world class leader of end poverty had been asked by president sarkozi to plan youth serves france opportunity (one to 2 years that any youth could apply to); sarkozi had also commissioned a report from stiglitz on everything that indsutraial age economics was destroying; ceo frank riboud of danone http://danonecommunities.comwas leading a cluster of corporates in innovating sustainabiliuty with yunus; HEC was announced as the world's first iuniveruty to offer a social MBA

but paris did not think of desiging a civics surriculum for 9 year olds - could this hve scaled across the country and communities?

Martin Hirsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Martin Hirsch (born 6 December 1963 in Suresnes) is the former head of Emmaüs France, the former High Commissioner for Active Solidarity against Poverty, and the High Commissioner forYouth in the government of François Fillon.

Toward employment : French examples By Martin Hirsch, Former High ...

Jun 30, 2016 - Toward employment : French examples By Martin Hirsch, Former High Commissionner for youth policies and anti poverty programms President ...

Martin Hirsch | Spinelli Group

Martin Hirsch (born 6 December 1963 in Suresnes) is former head of Emmaüs ... for Active Solidarity against Poverty, and the High Commissioner for Youth.

[PDF]Experimental Fund for the Youth

Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Created in december 2008 by Martin Hirsch. (High Commissionner for the Youth). ▻Encourage innovative programs for the youth. ▻Experiment and evaluate ...

Commission launches youth health initiative - Health and Environment ...

Jun 10, 2011 - Key note speakers included H.R.H Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, France's High representative for Youth Martin Hirsch, World Health ...

Greater New York City Area - ‎President at ReMEDies Surgical Supplies corp - ‎ReMEDies Surgical Supplies corp
View MARTIN HIRSCH'S professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's ... MARTIN HIRSCH. President at ... Activities and Societies: YOUTH CARE ...

rest provides more technical report of where paris got to

see YunusCity Paris for notes on the benchmark loan system ending unemployment across europe- if you find anything as replicable as this commisioner barnier wants to know- see bottom of this brief for more details

would you or students/associates be able to help edit

an americas blog similar to concept for youtheuropebanking -

ultimately to see it handed over to the convergence of student

microcredit and social business clubs aimed to land in atlanta

I assume the us map could start by profiling how students can interact with:


kiva zip

grameen america bank

san diego student and womens circles banks

the clintons arkansas microcredit if it still exists

notes on which of the are us based and build on 

mary's and ron's 30 years of knowhow

as well as banks it could mention youth funds if any yunussb states have constituted those yet

once we got the americas blog working , we could we make a  start

in time to mention africa blog to youth helping

tebabu with usa africa diaspora summit networks?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the note lower down explains why we seek to interview the 2 most peer networked people for youth banking to save europe on 31 January Paris

question: how could we hub in other locations? and interconnect banking and edcators solutions in the right order given that europe is the first to take its last throw at both of these col;apsing systems

if I have the right maps then the truth is youth need to save banking in europe before youth banking can be saved in usa and invested in across africa

at a second loop, the action learning networks of atlanta youth 1000 job creation brainstorm athta has taken African American youth a decade to make in todays replicable franchsieand taddy's free university alumni are needed to save the way europe educates youth

problem 1: finding where are youth banking and youth education people save going to meet

problem 2 getting american people (particularly those who call themselves social entrepreneurs) to understand its their banking and .gov that needs most help from rest of the world- they can start by sacking all their macroeconomists and closing down their rating agencies whio ratings of nations are designed to do the impossible - namely preserve the dollar as the worlds researve currency

problem 3 - from africa's viewpoint , obama is never going to do even 1% of what he most wishes to do until he's out of the white house- of there are 8 years left to get 2010s back as youths most productive decade , is it really useful to have obama spending another 4 of those in the white's 1% house

---of course we have other problems, from asian perspective: how to keep bangladesh open as a democracy 2013 on, and who are the friend and enemies of arab spring everywhere; and hernando de soto was on US PBS last night reminding everyone in remembering that the poor are the greatest entrepreneuurs the key to the 21st C door (and empowering youth to co-produce millennium goals) is to help integrate chinas youth economy with the best open solutions that worldwide youth can own/source

it feels to me as if we are so far behind the colaboration structures we first meet at islington hub after 7.7 to get ready by 2012

lot of conflicts to resolve, no deep democracy gatherings of people who most needed to interact?

I feel quite strongly that the gameboard to postit the solution franchises each of you most support looks something like that at the top of this post and discussed at eg here

.2010s youth most productive decade -what may can you share?


chris number 1 in linking in entrepreneurial revolutionaries since 1976

what questions to ask 2 people who have spent most time helping youth save europe and banking

Lets assume that at end of january we have chance to interview EUROPES 2 MOST CONNECTED MICROBANK PEER KNOWLEDGE NETWORKERS

In any event these 2 peoples peer networks have HUBBED out of Paris more than anyone else across europe practice networks (banking, community markets, peer to peer entreprenmeur training in specific practices - eg how to go from unemployed to community's favourite chef or favourites first aid worker or hosty of employment agencies run by youth) aiming to end youth underemployment with microcredit - in any event they have been doing it for 20 years and have appeared to mentor brussels for 5 years and been the longest voices in the entrepreneurial revolutiion that caused Brussels to launch bottom-up economics 1500 person summit 2 months ago

and they have set up several trade associations across europe with over 200 members who start with the first sucessful model of banking for turning underemployed into entrepreneurs - and then work out what is different in their place in a way that is knowledge questioned openly with all other mebers of the microbabking association- each is aiming to serve their own localities more sustainably so there is more collaboration than competition acrioss all asociation members

I would like to prepare a skeleton questionniare (good of we can make sure it has your questions too); things like 1) which are the most vital events to be at in 2012 -eg paris 3000 meeting convergences september; 2) in different places which are the benchmark microcredits; who among the investors and others eu is mobilising most get this; 3) how does this linkin with eg paris wider role as social busienss capital of the world; 4) how does this connect with stopping europe meltdown and indeed preventing scenaraio of my fathers last article

I also search any fellow journalists (in ecvery sense of that word) who might want to meet because if we dont map optimal links/infomration then the chances of prevventing total metldown of the finacial system get less and less

EUwide, worldwide

lets assume that 2 days after paris meeting I need to open source and findings in an integrated testimony that I am giving in brussels on thursday afternoon and which we aim to linkin through asian networklers -eg first port of call Tokyo -which since 1962 has been the world's number 1 capoital supporting the pro-youth economics systems of father (The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant) wants to be next place to (The Economist Boardoom - see video ) host a remembrance party but this time update with who.s working on what; as well as next places to linkin the best 2 usa movements - youth 1000 job creation brainstorm next event atlanta in april, and monica yunus artist peace corps where I will find out next event when I meet her next week; somehow I want this all to converge on london olympics if only by printing a top 10 postcards of most collaborative and economical cases europeans are linkin to put youth back to work everywhere; if there were to be 10 first members of europe social solutions stockmarket - what would their postcards be?

EU coordination

which links this stream of knowledge with biys of eu research I have liked best in the past- I had 3 years of being the most active moderator of eu's while it was hot 2001-2004 attending meets in brussels, berlin , luxembourg, london, finland , barcleona where we had proposed a knowledge angels network to be the most co;laborative entrepreneurial space (lilly and olaf knew a lot about that - olaf was joint most active host doing cases on NGOs; lilly was a member of the top100 knowledge management network
and eg spoke at finlands premier elearning conference of 2003 and barcelona's official attempt to become europe's number 1 knowledge city - she talked on practical exercises that would converge youth entreprenurship and knowledge management